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Plone, zc.buildout, and Etch

Hi all,

Is anyone else out there using buildout to create Plone 3 installs on Etch? I've been running into really strange errors when using buildout on Etch which no one in the Plone community is able to help me with. I cannot even complete a default buildout on Etch using Debian Python packages. I can however, do this on successfully on Sid. I haven't tried Lenny. If I use the ez_setup.py script on Etch to to download and install the Python setup tools package I can build a default Plone 3 install, however, I then run into problems adding third party tools such as Ploneboard, SimpleAttachment, and Clouseau. As I need the third party tools for the functions they provide this isn't something I live with.

I can use the Plone Unified Installer, but would much prefer using buildout as it is so much more flexible. This all seems to be tied to changes made in the Debian Python packages in Etch that have been made since January 30 of this year. Why that date? Because I successfully used buildout on a server running Etch on that day. I also added the above third party tools successfully. Sometime since then something has changed in the Debian Python packages, or so it would appear anyway.
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