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Re: no sound on compaq armada 7770dmt with ess-1878 sound card

On Mar 27, 5:00 pm, joseph lockhart <jwl_andlovesai...@yahoo.com>
> well i have been working on getting an old compaq
> armada 7770dmt up and running with debian etch 4.0r2.
> everything works good, only i cannot get alsa to find
> the sound card at boot, sound card is a ess-1878.
> added the sound module to /boot/modules but that
> didn't seem to help, checked alsa manpage and that
> allowed me to check the right mod but suggested adding
> the mod to /boot/modules which didn't help. any other
> suggestions.


This might not help too much, but I had sound problems on a Compaq
Armada 7400, which has the ESS 1789 sound card.  This was under
FreeBSD, and I could not get any sound until I explictly set the
device characteristics, viz:

device sbc0 at isa? port 0x220 irq 5 drq 1 flags 0x15

I'm not sure how one does the equivalent on Debian, but trying it may
be worth a punt.


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