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no sound on compaq armada 7770dmt with ess-1878 sound card

well i have been working on getting an old compaq
armada 7770dmt up and running with debian etch 4.0r2.
everything works good, only i cannot get alsa to find
the sound card at boot, sound card is a ess-1878.

added the sound module to /boot/modules but that
didn't seem to help, checked alsa manpage and that
allowed me to check the right mod but suggested adding
the mod to /boot/modules which didn't help. any other

oh, it has a 2Gb hard drive with a skimpy 48 Mb ram,
got it loaded with lightweight apps (Fluxbox and jwm
for windowmanagers, mc, abi, etc) any other
suggestions on lightweight apps would be appreciated
as i am trying to keep the install under 700Mb (though
a bit more is alright). if anyone cares, the
lightweight apps work well with the 48Mb ram, some of
the fancier stuff is just to heavy and bloated to be
of much use

thanks in advance


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