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Re: I would like to give my congradulation

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 05:38:30PM -0600, Walt L. Williams wrote:
> Where can I find more information on "apt-get"? More that the small
> PDF that I have already downloaded. Will it do a search for applications
> using key words?  I installed KDE by completely de-installing Gnome and
> then installing KDE and what ever bits of Gnome it needed for the 
> applications I chose. 
> Also I believe there is a way to get Debian to update itself online?
> Any pointer where to find documentation on this?

The installation manual is a good place, as is debian-reference, as are
the man pages.

You may find it easier to install the aptitude-doc package and read its
comprehensive manual.  Aptitude has two modes: first, as a drop-in
replacement for apt-get, but second, without any parameters it gives you
a screen with menus where you can search for packages, select any
package and see info about it (dependancies, etc), install it, or update
and upgrade the system.


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