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Re: Alsa Problems with new Etch

alan@patriot.net wrote:
>  My biggest remaining problem is ALSA.  I
> believe it to be successfully installed, since I used the same
> installation path
> that I had done earlier with my sarge.  It seems to be installed but I
> get no SOUND, although aplay <a .wav file> seems to be going through the
> motions.  I have run alsamixer and bumped up the volume.

Run alsaconf to set up the driver.
Add yourself to the audio group if you have not done already.

> Has etch had problems with ALSA?

I use ALSA on Etch and am not having any problems.

BTW, the alsaconf might work in your case. But it seems it is deprecated
(see #430624, #432678 for more info). So it might not work for later

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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