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Cannot boot from root lvm volume: lvm2 broken?

Hi there,

need some advice over here. Installed Etch from netinstall iso and upgraded to sid, which works flawlessly. All partitions except /boot are in a LVM group (even my root fs is a LVM volume). Then I removed (more precise: purged) 2.6.18-5-486 kernel in favor of 2.6.24-1-686. After running a "update-initramfs -u" and a "shutdown -r now" my box fails to boot up. It complains:

(nah nah nah, a lot of this not and a lot of that not, neh neh ney)
/scripts/local-top/lvm2: line 68 tr not found
/scripts/local-top/lvm2: line 68 sed not found
(I guess, this part of the script tries to activate my volume group)
/proc/mounts: fopen %s failed: No such file or directory
Failed to create lvm type filter
Waiting for root file system ...

... which my box never gets. Hereafter it throws me to a very limited shell. Indeed, /proc and /dev are empty ;(

Google isn't my friend: A search found no similar messages like this. There are no bugs listed for the lvm2 package which describes this behavior nor are there any recent changes in the /scripts/local-top/lvm2 script.

Any clues from you guys on how to proceed and hunting down this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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