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Re: Common home with multiboot

Sudev Barar wrote:
I have three different flavours of Linux on my laptop...Ubuntu, Debian
and Ubuntu Beta. The third really is changed from time to time to
Fedora/CentOs/Suse etc... for testing.

Common problem was how to keep mail/browser and my ssh keys etc.
working when I switch from distro to distro. I solved this by making a
link to the following directories in my home of second and third OS
(note the ".")


This way which ever distro I boot in to I do not loose my browser tabs
or my mail settings or my tomboy notes. Of course ssh keys and gnupg
also works. Is there any other directory I need to be linking?
Yes and no. If your programs work the way they should work then you're ok. If not, make more links. You can even mount /home and use the same username/uid on every distro. But be careful as different versions of different programs might screw things up pretty badly. I've tried sharing KDE settings on Sarge and some version of Ubuntu. Didn't work out very well IMHO.

Juha Tuuna

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