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Re: Digital Camera

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On 03/25/08 19:00, s. keeling wrote:
> David Fox <dfox94085@gmail.com>:
>>  On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 8:34 PM, s. keeling <keeling@nucleus.com> wrote:
>>>  I've one seriously cheapo Concord Eye-Q 1000 (1.3 Mpx res.).  This
>>>  model is not listed in gtkam's database.  Does digiKam handle it?
>>  There's no exact match in digikam (current lenny) but there are some
>>  other close models to that Concord model. You might try one of those.
> Tried 'em all.  gtkam can't detect it using any of them.
>>  Does that camera mount as a USB device or PTP?
> USB cable on PC end, looks like very small proprietary connector on
> camera end.  I don't think it's mini-USB, but I could be wrong.
>>  was supported. But it has a better chance of being supported possibly
>>  because there are free "open" (so called) drivers on the Net for it.
>>  Which of course, could mean anything, like a binary wrapper claiming
>>  they gave you source code when they really didn't.
> About as useful as that Windows zip file I pulled down off their
> website the other night.  Don't know what I'm going to do with it, but
> I have it.
>> >From 'gphoto2" on my system - it seems that these are the same models
>>  that digikam supports, presumably because digikam uses gphoto2 as a a
>>  backend (not sure about this).
> That's what I read as well.
>>  dfox@m206-157:~$ gphoto2 --list-cameras | grep Concord
>>          "Concord Eye-Q Duo" (EXPERIMENTAL)
> Same list here.
>>  Again, not the exact model, but this is a good starting point. Another
>>  possibility (should this not be helpful) would be to inquire on the
>>  gphoto2 mailing list. I did that before to get feedback and to help
> I'll troll their archives.  Thanks.
>>  All this is moot IF your camera supports a removable SD card (which it
> No such luck.  They put in a 2 digit LCD shot counter, though.  :-P

I think I'd just try this, and see what happens:

# gphoto2 --verbose --auto-detect

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