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Re: Digital Camera

Nick Boyce <nick@glimmer.demon.co.uk>:
>  Tyler Smith wrote:
> >> Robert Thompson wrote:
> >>
> >>> Question is: How does digital cameras work with
> >>> Debian?
> >
> > I've found gthumb to be a pretty good place to begin
> > There are doubtless also KDE apps that do the same thing, if you
> > prefer.
>  For KDE there is 'digiKam' :
>  http://www.digikam.org/about.html
>  http://packages.debian.org/digikam

On my system (pretty much bare-metal + X), that wants to slurp in
about twenty packages.  gthumb wants to slurp in just about as
many.  :-)

I've one seriously cheapo Concord Eye-Q 1000 (1.3 Mpx res.).  This
model is not listed in gtkam's database.  Does digiKam handle it?

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