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Re: Help me setup AntiSpam filter

On Mon Mar 24, 2008 at 21:27:29 +0200, Bogdan Marian wrote:

> I need your advice people! I need to setup an AntiSpam filter on an  
> older version of Postfix, on Debian Sarge. I would go to Etch, but i  
> can't risk it for the moment, as the server I'm referring to is very  
> important and can't be brought down right now by my tests ( the machine  
> acts as a: router, webserver, mail server and dns server, so you get my  
> point...).

  I'd suggest you upgrade it regardless.  If it is important it
 needs security fixes..

  Anyway if you can't take down the service at all then you might
 have problems making any changes.

  I'd recommend QPSTMPD to do SMTP-time checks.  See here for


  Brief introduction here:


Managed Anti-Spam Service

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