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Re: DELL Inspiron 530N

DebianMike wrote:
I have just received a Dell Inspiron 530N pre-installed with Ubuntu. I am now trying to figure out how to install debian on it. When I try to boot my Debian LiveCD (20070716-07:09) I am getting an error message similar to :
*"can't access tty; job control turned off"
*does anyone have a clue what this means?

Any help you can give me I would appreciate.

Lots of hits on googling the error messages... didn't read enough to see any hard-and-fast solutions, though.

Here's one link that has lots of info...

Just out of curiosity, is your boot order "CDROM, Harddisk," or is your LiveCD somehow trying to boot through the Grub that's installed on the harddisk?


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