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Re: DELL Inspiron 530N

Tom Goulet wrote:
On 3/22/08, DebianMike <mail4mike2008-debian@yahoo.com> wrote:

I have just received a Dell Inspiron 530N pre-installed with Ubuntu. I
am now trying to figure out how to install debian on it. When I try to
boot my Debian LiveCD (20070716-07:09) I am getting an error message
similar to :
*"can't access tty; job control turned off"
*does anyone have a clue what this means?

It means you can't hit ctrl+z to put a job in the background.

It's a very minor error message.

Another person suggested that if you want to install Debian you can
use a Debian install CD.  That sounds like a good idea to me too.

Good luck!


Here is what I have figured out so far (i think). The system will "boot" from the CD-Drive but when the kernel takes over it doesn't have the driver for this CD-Drive. I have used knoppix, etch liveCD and network install cds. I then downloaded the first testing cd and the kernel found the cd player. But then it couldn't find the network card. I can tell with ubuntu that the driver is e1000-ich9. I'm not sure how to tell what driver ubuntu is using for the cd-drive. I guess Dell adds these drivers to the Ubuntu dist. because they aren't on the CD that they sent. I sure hope they are on the restore partion .

I guess I am just stuck on the bleeding edge of technology. (ubuntu is looking better and better)

Thanks for everyones help and comments!!!!!!!!!

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