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Re: Question about Desktop Environments

On Mar 15, 8:00 pm, Jonathan Jacobs <stingray...@fuse.net> wrote:
> GNOME and KDE are the ones that I have.  But, is there one out there
> that looks like XP.  I am going to install Debian on my mothers
> computer and she is running...slowly...XP.  Every other comment out
> of my mom, about the computer, is that it is running slowly.  I have
> already removed any spyware and whatnot and I have cleaned the
> reg.  It is about time that I upgraded her pc to Debian.  Just need a
> desktop environment that looks like XP......any suggestions?

Well, maybe this http://tecnicoslinux.com.ar/web/node/125 could work
is based in Kubuntu.

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