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Re: Icedove shuts down after send

Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote the following on 03/16/2008
11:19 AM:
> Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> I just updated icedove via aptitude install icedove and
>> now everytime I do a send icedove shuts down. No
>> messages that I can find. I can start it back up and it
>> works fine until I try to send another message.
>> I am running gnome and;
>>> Icedove

The icedove:about says it is

    version (20080208)

> That appears to be the version from etch. Is it possible for you to
> upgrade to the latest version?

As far as I am concerned, whatever I get from

    aptitude install <prog_name>

is the latest, greatest, and only! Every time I have
tried to install something any other way I have wound
up in a big pile of doo-doo!

(If you have a safe, sure way of getting the *real*
latest and greatest I would love to hear about it!)

> If not, then try running icedove from a
> terminal window and see if there are any error messages in the terminal
> when it shuts down.

That I can do, finally. (It doesn't work to just change
Launcher Properties to "Run in terminal") Yes, there is
a message:

    -> dgwicks:~$ icedove
    -> DOUBLE-CLICK: 400 --> -1 THRESHOLD: 8 --> -1
/usr/lib/icedove/run-mozilla.sh: line 131:  2397
Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
    -> You have mail in /var/mail/wix
    -> dgwicks:~$

>> kernel > 2.6.18-4-686 #1 SMP Wed May 9 23:03:12 UTC
>> 2007 i686 GNU/Linux
>> TIA!
>> Dennis

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