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Re: Intel Pentium D + sata2 HD install

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 01:49:34AM -0800, PREMA wrote:
> Dual Core Intel PentiumD 3.0 GHZ/2x2 L2
> cashe/65nm/Presler  (EM64T) 
> 2Gb DDR2 800 Mhz Dual channel RAM
> 400Gb sata2 HD
> CD-rom RW sata2
> Grafic Card GeForce 7300GT (V7302GT21)
> Mother board
> abit IB9
> LGA 775 
> Intel? 965 
> FSB1066 
> Dual DDR2 800 
> PCI-E X16 
> SATA 3G 
> GbE LAN 
> 7.1 CH HD Audio 
> I try to install Linux on my Desktop and I have no
> succes. I have problem with detecting sata2 CDROM and 
> sata2 HD (I have try with IDE CDROM and was no problem
> but again I have problem with HD)
> Now I wanna ask which distribution of Linux I must use
> to resolve the problem? 

I'm assuming that you tried the Debian distribution of Linux but you
don't tell us which version.  You need to read the installation manual
and submit a (failed) installation report.

It could be that the kernel is whatever version you tried is not new
enough and you need to try a version with a newer kernel.


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