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Re: [OT] Zip file browsing tool

> Since you don't tell us which DE you use, it is only save to presume
> that you use the console.  Thus:
> $ unzip -v > stupidly_large_zip_file.txt
> $ view stupidly_large_zip_file.txt

Ok finally was able to try this...I sshd onto the Mac with OS X leopard and used the unzip command. Here is the output:

$ unzip -v Kodak\ Pictures.zip

 Archive:  Kodak Pictures.zip
  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
  the last disk(s) of this archive.
note:  Kodak Pictures.zip may be a plain executable, not an archive
unzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of Kodak Pictures.zip or
        Kodak Pictures.zip.zip, and cannot find Kodak Pictures.zip.ZIP, period.

And then trying zip -F:

zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2860.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2861.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2862.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2863.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2865.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2866.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2867.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2869.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2870.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2871.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2872.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2873.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2874.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2875.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2876.JPG
zip: reading Kodak Pictures/04-16-2006/CIMG2877.JPG

zip error: Unexpected end of zip file (Kodak Pictures.zip)

And then finally based on the suggestion of in another post about PKWARE...I downloaded the an application from their website called zip reader. I installed in on a PC and surprisingly it extracted it!

However, all the extracted images are zero bytes in length :(

I even tried using 7z and it just crashes on me....

I will now have my family copy the zip file to an external HD and take it over to the Mac Store to see what their "Geniuses" can do..

> If you happen to be using GNOME (God's own DE), then file-roller
> will do just fine.  Simply fire up Nautilus and click on the zip

The file-roller you are talking about here...does it actually browse the zip file without extracting it?


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