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Re: microsoft vs opensource

Telaman Consultancies wrote:
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From: steefvanduin@zonnet.nl
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Subject: Re: microsoft vs opensource
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 13:55:51 +0000
thanks david. i myself got the impression that 'the' big corporations

are often keeping busy themselves with legalized theft, backed up by their respective governments.

As far as I've been able to see it, that's how things operate in any
Not just I.P.

'Their respective govts' are repayed with such commodities as
database information that govts are constitutionally not permitted to
collect from their citizens, but by a quirk of law, corporates are.

I heard somebody say, a little while back, 'We got rid of corporate
government, as a concept, in the eighties.'


In the land of the dollar, where the dollar rules, justice is the
first casualty.

I heard that one years ago.
I don't have an attribution for it, but it nails the situation nicely.

Where microsoft and the ilk have the advantage is in the way they can
afford to register a thousand patents and the little man just doesn't
have the money to challenge the situation once it's established.


The weak link in the chain is at the patent office, which lost the
patents on the terms of 'modernisation' and 'innovation' some
considerable time ago.

David Palmer.

hi david,

this, especially the last part of this short analysis, is very good info. if you do not mind i gonna use it in researching patents on (agricultural) seeds here in the netherlands; possibly at advantage of the NAV (Nederlandse akkerbouw Vakbond) and the Via Campesina, an international organization of (poor) farmers in the here so-called Thied World. I shall further inform, I suppose somewhat later, my friend, the Chief of Darsilami, in the Gambia.



drs. steef van duin

publicist, research-journalist

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