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Re: texlive and includegraphics{}

On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> wrote:
> I've just found texlive on a new etch install cannot find graphics called
>  with includegraphics{}.  These are files that ran with Latex, and have
>  '\usepackage{graphicx}'.  The only error message is
>  dvips: Could not find figure file /home/richard/foo/bar.eps; continuing
>  The graphics files are still there and permissions are ok.
>  Is this a problem with the debian package, or an inherent characteristic
>  of tex-live.  I.e. do I have to revert to latex or look for some
>  additional package?

Are you using latex? or pdflatex?  pdflatex will not use EPS files.
Please show us the complete error message you are getting, including
the command you used to invoke it.

You can also try reproducing the problem with an absolutely minimal
.tex file, perhaps with nothing else but the \includegraphics in it.

PS: I assume you mean reverting to 'tetex' when you write reverting to 'latex'.


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