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Re: texlive and includegraphics{}

On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 10:52:17PM +1100, Charlie wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Richard Lyons shared this with us all:
> >--} I've just found texlive on a new etch install cannot find graphics
> > called --} with includegraphics{}.  These are files that ran with Latex,
> > and have --} '\usepackage{graphicx}'.  The only error message is
> >--} dvips: Could not find figure file /home/richard/foo/bar.eps; continuing
> >--} The graphics files are still there and permissions are ok.
> >--}
> >--} Is this a problem with the debian package, or an inherent characteristic
> >--} of tex-live.  I.e. do I have to revert to latex or look for some
> >--} additional package?
> >--}
> >--} TIA
> >--}
> >--} richard
> I find using the full path to a .jpg or .gif file works well, .eps files have 
> always been a bit of a problem. But I use/d LyX in testing and etch.

I do give the full path.  It is an eps because that has always been the
default expected by latex (though you do have to omit the extension in
the command, so \includegraphics{/path/to/that} includes /path/to/that.eps), 
and I have never before had any problem with this or other eps


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