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Re: Best Distro for the consumers market ??

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

This is not something I would give to a user that has no dedicated
support. e.g: you could install that to your firends. Provided that you
provide support for their computers. But not to someone who's supposed
to independently handle everything with the system.

Are you referring to the testing distribution or Debian in general? A contact of mine bought an all-singing all-dancing laptop with XP or Vista preloaded, can't remember which. I had four calls the first week to reset the networking, not because the user is a newbie but because she couldn't figure out anything useful from the Win docs. I installed Deb stable for her and I haven't heard back since (nearly three months ago) :). Testing does require more maintenance if that's what you meant.

Jamin @ Home @ Chester UK

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