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Re: Best Distro for the consumers market ??


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On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 05:58:47PM +0530, Bipin Babu wrote:

> As a complete newbie to IT and Linux, I have tested Mandriva 2008,
> Ubuntu, and now Debian etch and testing. I found Debian testing the
> best of all: etch being not very compatible with new hardware and
> software. Testing on the other hand is the most up to date distro,
> fairely compatible with newest technologie (software and hardware from
> the consumers market) and quite easy to maintain.

As for "easy to maintain": it actually takes quite some effort to
maintain: you need to update it quite frequently just to keep
up-to-date. The only way to keep up with security updates is to upgrade
to newer versions. That are normally better. But sometimes have newer
bugs. And sometimes are simply different and take time to get used to.

This is not something I would give to a user that has no dedicated
support. e.g: you could install that to your firends. Provided that you
provide support for their computers. But not to someone who's supposed
to independently handle everything with the system.

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