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Re: Best Distro for the consumers market ??

stephane lepain wrote:

I have been reading couple of posts talking about different kind of distros, but what would you guys suggest as the best distro for the consumers market? There would be a need of stability and reliability. Of course, it would have to be easy to use for the end users.
As a complete newbie to IT and Linux, I have tested Mandriva 2008, Ubuntu, and now Debian etch and testing. I found Debian testing the best of all: etch being not very compatible with new hardware and software. Testing on the other hand is the most up to date distro, fairely compatible with newest technologie (software and hardware from the consumers market) and quite easy to maintain.
Yet, i would suppose that my opinion is quite biased and what I could suggest as the best distro for the consumers market might not be the case. So I would appreciate if you guys could give me your opinions.

Thank you all

PS: I tested all those distros on a AMD64 3800+

I have been using linux only since 2005. But these 2 years its been a wonderful experience. For my personal and official needs I *used ETCH, mighty one with no hassles, the only challenge I had was doing my reporting work with MS Excel somehow I could not get the same flexibility in Linux and ofcourse a Notes client as well (later got one).

Some of the times I felt crippled using Linux at work

1) When the mail server for our client systems was MS Exchange. Though there are applications that support OWA, I just find things terribly slow.
2) When viewing Activex sites, we had one from our client fortunately it did not last long.
3) When using some of the new hardwares like a bluetooth headset or connecting the camera
4) When connecting a webcam for video conferencing
5) Getting JAVA to work was quite some task
6) To install and configure any app/service I had to read tons of online materials spend some considerable time testing things at home. When the windows folks goes boom!!
7)  Adhering to company policies for Active Directory. To date I haven't got my PC to the domain. Somehow considering my adamant nature IT folks have given up on me.
8) Ahh...to bloody get my Xyzel USB ADSL modem working. Atlast ordered for a Ethernet one.

times I felt great using Linux at work

All the time, cause the above feeling of being crippled was temporary....i enjoyed working with my PC....tweaking things....experimenting...and learning..every day was an adventure and yet not compromising on work../ There is none in office who has spent all weekends working on making the PC better....and my limits were bound to only to how much I could devote....and not my the limitation of the OS itself.....

So, there isn't a Best Distro for the consuomer market which would work out of the box. Linux as an Operating system has improved a long way but still needs to mature for the desktop community. Linux is my choice for any simple to mission-critical server (probably BSD has a little more edge here as well). I cannot expect my dad/mom/sis to use it as easily as they use their XP, quite unfortunate but that is the reality.

However there is something I came across few months back and is quite close to being called my second favorite desktop distribution (nothing like Debian) and
in my opinion probably might get the buy-in of the so called 'consumer' market.Mint (http://linuxmint.com/).

Bipin Babu

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