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WP8 on 64-bit Debian testing? You bet!


I just got a ThinkPad 61p, and was pretty sure I was finally going to
have to let WordPerfect 8 (the UN*X-native WP) go.  But I have it up
and running.  How I did it is described at
http://pwiseman.dnsalias.com/~pwiseman/wp8install64.html.  I also
provide a tar.gz of the libraries and other files (other than the WP
files themselves, of course) necessary to make it work, which, when
unpacked, places all the files in the proper places, appropriately
linked.  Although some of it is specific to the 64-bit system, I think
the method will probably work on other Linux systems as well.  (That
machine, obviously, is my home server, and so will come and go as my
Internet connection does!)

Hope this helps someone.


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