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Re: DISPLAY variable not set in ssh session

On Sat, Mar 01, 2008 at 10:35:51PM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:

>>>> No. But using ssh -v might give some clues. One extra potential
>>>> reason:
>>>> the target box does not have (the utility) xauth on it.
>>> That was it.  I did
>>> 	aptitude install xauth
>>> and everything was fine.
>>> It looks like the xterm package needs to depend on the xauth package --
>>> or at least recommend it.
>>> What package should a bug report for this go to?
>> Please don't. xterm works perfectly ok without it.
> Well then, please suggest a better place to send the bug report?  Or a 
> better description of the problem...

openssh-server and openssh-client already suggest xbase-client (which 
depends on xauth).  IMHO this is the strongest link there should be 
between them, as I don't think xauth should be present "in all but the 
most unusual setups" (definition of a recommend).

xterm should not even be discussed in this context as you can run ssh 
with any terminal in the archive.

There was a discussion on debian-devel at one point to also provide a 
reason for 'suggests', something like:

xbase-clients (usually needed for X forwarding)

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