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Re: apt-get update on ftp.uk.debian.org

On Fri February 29 2008 16:36:17 Tim Channon wrote:
> Package netselect is broken for a large class of users, 6+ year old
> fatal bug misclassified as wishlist
> I guess someone thought that pass through firewall was a major code
> change, hence wishlist, is apparently not that at all.
> netselect-apt incorrectly complains about the firewall

Even when there is no firewall, the etch version of netselect-apt
complains about a firewall and fails, at least that was the result
each of the four or five times I tried it during the last few months.

The lenny version gives a result but the result seems to be almost
meaningless.  Ping time is not a measure of connection throughput,
server overload, or mirror currency.

A rewrite of netselect-apt which considered these attributes and also
supported rsync would be a valuable tool if anyone is looking for a

Meanwhile, whenever a mirror becomes sufficiently annoying, we select
some candidates from  http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today/ and run
manual benchmarks.

--Mike Bird

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