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Re: apt-get update on ftp.uk.debian.org

Jochen Schulz wrote:
Alle Meije Wink:
Err ftp://ftp.uk.debian.org stable Release.gpg
  Could not connect data socket, connection timed out

The mirror is either temporarily broken or down for good, Just use
another one, there's nothing else you can do.

I confirm it has been unreliable recently. Sometimes works fine.
Unfortunately other UK mirrors are iffy too.

ftp.uk.debian.org is working fine for me at the moment.

Allied to the problem so I will speak up: -

Package netselect is broken for a large class of users, 6+ year old fatal bug misclassified as wishlist I guess someone thought that pass through firewall was a major code change, hence wishlist, is apparently not that at all.

netselect-apt incorrectly complains about the firewall
netselect fails silently.

The above fails here as described.

Here is one page with the fix, not sure if there are other places

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