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Re: Seeking Wisdom Concerning Backups

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 04:48:07PM -0600, Kent West wrote:


> and almost immediately got an "no drive space left" error. Then looking  
> at "df -h", I see that my smallish / partition (463MB) is full, so I've  
> got to see what's eating up that space (I think it's because a new  
> kernel was automagically installed - somehow or 'nuther it seems when I  
> installed Debian on this box the default install installed whatever  
> kernel package automatically pulls in the latest version of that kernel  
> rather than leaving it fixed until I specifically specify an upgrade.  
> I'm not quite sure how to "fix" that. And I don't really want to have to  
> reboot yet to activate the newest .point upgrade so I can remove the  
> older one taking up disk space. I should've made my / partition twice as  
> large as I did, I reckon.)

the kernel meta-packages are called linux-image-2.6-<arch> and those
are the ones that pull in the most recent kernel. remove those
meta-packages to "fix" it (quite literally)...


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