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mounting CD1 is not enough for mirroring and net install

Thanks for reply,
I put in the server as it is described in the doc, the netboot, and
used the tftp, it runs correctly, and started nice,

when it asked for the mirror, If I  declare an official mirror, it
runs correctly, and installed, when I declare my own mirror, I fails.
I mean by my own mirror an ftp server when I mount The offical CD1, !

Do I need and extra config to precise, may be the tree of offical
installation (via network) is not the same as in CD1?

thank you

>>Read the netboot section in the Debian installation manual.

>want to install Debian from a local server on several machines which
>haven't CD,s.
>In other word how to install without using neither CD nor floppy drive,
usb ,
>just network card. from A local site.

>I mean instead of reading from CD, I read from remote machine using
>pxe or tftboot or something like this.
>I saw somebody doing it with Fedora!!

>The gool is to install several machines at the same time from the server.

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