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Re: Ice Weasel

No problem with partition space. I am using a 20GB partition with a 4 GB swap space.

Will try the other suggestions when I get back on Debian tomorrow.

Kent West wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 02/24/08 17:00, dick wrote:
However, when it comes to Iceweasel, it spends more time dropping out
that it does working. It will work for a couple of screens and then drops out. You can bring it back and it will work for a couple of
screens and then drops again.  I know that there are a lot of things I
can do with Debian and it will work great.  I also use Mepis which is
based on Debian and have no problems with it at all.  However, Debian
itself and Ice Weasel in particular make it almost not worth using
Debian at all.

I am using Debian Sidux and have also tried Etch in the past and have
had the same problems with them both.  I am using an Intel Duo Core 2
processor E4400. Ubuntu, Mepis, BlueWhite64, Sabayon all work great and
with no problems.

Are we supposed to fscking prostrate ourselves before your mighty
Linuxness?  Kiss off jerkwad.

Easy there, Cowboy. He's frustrated, and he's let us know the problem is unique to Debian. No reason to go all "jerkwad" on him; I've grown to expect more maturity from you than that. I'll assume you're having a bad day.

When I first read your post, Dick, the first thing that came to mind is drive space. You're not running low on any of your partitions, are you? ("df -h" is your friend)

Also, you might try creating a brand new user and logging in as that user and see if the problem exists there also.

You might also try running Iceweasel in Safe Mode to see if that has any effect.

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