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hibernate and swap partition size (newbie question)

>From what I've read online, I get the general idea that in order to be
able to hibernate/suspend to disk properly, the swap partition has to
be big enough to hold all of the RAM inside it, right?

Is it possible to hibernate if my swap partition is smaller than my
RAM?  I have 2 GB of RAM, and when I installed Debian, I figured I
would hardly ever need that much, so I made swap 1.4 GB.

Just a bit of extra information:
I tried a sudo pm-hibernate today, and it ran fine.  I saw s2disk
running, and then the computer powered off without any errors.  I
pressed the power button to turn it back on, and the computer got past
grub, saw the saved file, and began resuming from it.  After that
though, all I got was a black screen and a bunch of beeps.  I ended up
having to force a reboot with Alt+SysRq.

I am trying to figure out if my swap partition size has anything to do
with it.  I tend to think no, because if it was too small, it
shouldn't have been able to hibernate.  And the more stuff I read
online about swsusp, uswsusp, suspend 2 etc, the more confused I get

I am running Debian Sid on a Thinkpad T61, in case that matters.
Also, I am running Xfce4 so i do not have the gnome-power-manager.

Thanks in advance!

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