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Re: typewriter function for an impact printer?

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On 02/20/08 16:24, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> Hello all,
> I often have forms to fill out and some would be better not
> hand-written.  However, they all differ so I can't just set-up a
> template.
> What I really need is just a typewriter.
> Does anyone know of an app that will give me an interactive session with
> my Epson dot-matrix printer?  I could feed that in (its an LQ-2080 and
> will do plain paper), use the enter key in the traditional typewriter
> way, etc.
> It shouldn't be too big a deal to do, I just figured I'd see if there's
> already a solution before I try to reinvent a very old wheel.

The problem, I think, is that, in multi-user systems printers are
connected to application software via print queues instead of
directly attached like in single-user OSs.

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