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Re: pm-hibernate doesn't resume (Thinkpad X61 tablet)

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, Michael Biebl wrote:

Michael Biebl wrote:
Andrew Perrin wrote:

I have just finished setting up my new laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad X61
Tablet PC.  I am running Debian testing with a self-compiled kernel Generally it works very nicely and I am pleased with it;
however, hibernate/resume does not work correctly. Specifically: using
either gnome's "hibernate" button or using pm-hibernate, the system
snapshots correctly and shuts down, but upon starting back up it just does
a normal reboot.

The kernel has SWSUSP built in, with a default partition of /dev/sda3
which is an empty partition, and the kernel options in GRUB include
resume=/dev/sda3 .

Any advice?

Do you have uswsusp installed, but your kernel is compiled without an
In that case it won't work. s2disk requires a initramfs to successfully
Option 1)
Compile your kernel with make-kpkg kernel_image --initrd
Option 2)
Uninstall uswsusp and use kernel swsusp.

I don't think so but will check soon.

Option 3)
Use a Debian kernel :-)

Sadly I can't - the sound on this laptop only works when using 2.6.24 or above.


Andrew J Perrin - andrew_perrin (at) unc.edu - http://perrin.socsci.unc.edu
Associate Professor of Sociology; Book Review Editor, _Social Forces_
University of North Carolina - CB#3210, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3210 USA

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