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Re: Missing option in GNOME Control Center

On 15/02/2008, Andrius <pantor@painter-decorator.eu> wrote:
> How to install a new KDE 4 on PC?
>  Ihear it is much mare faster than old one.

The latest KDE is KDE 4.0.0, which, according to KDE developers, is
_NOT_READY_ for end users. KDE 4.1, which is slated for October, will
be ready for end users. KDE 4.0.x is feature-incomplete. It is not
buggy in the sense that it crashes (it doesn't), however it does not
have many features that one would expect in a window manager. I'm
currently using the latest end_user_ready KDE, which is KDE 3.5.8 and
I highly recommend it.

Dotan Cohen


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