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Re: New User- Network Problem

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Thu February 14 2008, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
My guess is that in your particular installation, there is a conflict of
boot dependancies, e.g. networking can't start until a module is loaded
but that happens in a later init script.  This manual booting procedure
will track this down.  Then you can make a temporary fix (even if its
adding a symlink to start networking again at a later point in the
boot), and report the bug.

this is what I think also..
once I figure out when networking should start, I need to rename the networking script in /etc/rcS.d to a... larger number?
right now there are these 3 scripts:
S38resolvconf S39ifupdown

wouldn't you think ifupdown would come after networking?

No, you would need to bring up your interfaces, or at least check to see if they are there before you set up your networking. But, I would leave the numbering of the init scripts as is, having missing or mis-numbered files could have adverse effects to future upgrades.

Could you paste in your /etc/networking/interfaces file?

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