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Re: reliable editting of any PDF file

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 15:27 -0800, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2008 1:49 PM, Micha <michf@post.tau.ac.il> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, but for me for example it would be very useful if I could add notes to
> > papers I download to reference in my work (academics, it's what you are
> > supposed to do ;-). I don't have access to the originals (with pdf's you rarely
> > do actually, people give you the pdf in the first place to make sure that you
> > see it properly, not to edit it).
> >
> > I would have been happy if there was something that could do highlighting,
> > notes, lines and really ecstatic if it could actually do equations ...
> >
> > thought of writing something like that once but never got the time to dig in.
> Evince got form support in 2.20, and was originally supposed to get
> annotation support at the same time. Unfortunately, that was pushed
> back, and according  to the roadmap[1], it is now scheduled for 2.24
> (due this fall).  In the meantime, I believe Adobe Reader supports
> annotations and there is a native Linux version.

just tried to install Adobe Reader 7 from their web site

but got errors when running Alien
mkb@amd64:~/src$ sudo alien --scripts AdobeReader_enu-8.1.2-1.i486.rpm
mkdir: cannot create directory `AdobeReader_enu-8.1.2': File exists
Package build failed. Here's the log:
dh_clean -k -d
find . -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -not -name debian -print0 | \
                xargs -0 -r -i cp -a {} debian/adobereader-enu
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED libResAccess.so' not
 {& many more...}
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED libResAccess.so' not
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: could not find any packages for
libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0. so.0

However I see from http://www.bxlug.be/en/articles/128 that I can use
"debian-marillat" sources - does anybody use acroread from there for
*editting* PDFs?

Ta, M

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