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Re: [OT] beefy steel cases

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
Me again with my project.

Some people off-list have found me some low-MHz computers and will mail
me the boards with CPU + memory etc.  One is a Tyan dual Pentium

Now I'm looking for a great case in which to mount it (them?).  Starting
with wikipedia on EMR shielding, and surfing fro there, I've learned
that steel is much better for this than aluminum of the same thickness,
and the thicker the better (see skin depth).  Wouldn't you know it: my
Athlon64's case is steel frame with thin aluminum panels.  So, I guess
its case should be changed too.

Asthetics don't matter.
I'm wondering if in your travels, have any of you seen a case (tower,
desktop, or rackmount) that is:

-- of heavy steel frame and panels.

-- perhaps overlaping vents with no line-of-sight from the inside to the

-- lots of non-hot-swap drive space (unless hot-swap trays are included
or readily avilable).  Front-accessible bays: floppy (old-board bios may
come on a floppy), CD, plus perhaps room for a future tape unit (2
half-height bays).

-- lots of card slots on the rear (in excess of MB) for e.g. motherboard
USB in lieu of front USB ports.

-- plus all the other normal good stuff for a case: great cooling, no
sharp edges, etc.

Front-panel USB is not important, especially if it has extra rear slots.
Front-panel sound is not important.

All the front panel needs is a power switch (preferably covered against
accidental pushing) with an "on" light, and perhaps a "drive" light.

If this rings a bell, could you let me know so I can track one down?



Once again, old IBM servers comes to mind. Those boxes must be made out of steel or lead. Weighs a heck of a lot.

While you're at it, why not buy an old steel safe to house the PCs ? some old safes have really thick steel walls. I'm sure you'd be able to find a steel welder to do some adjustments to it to allow cables through as well as air flow.
Then you can use any up to date casing.

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