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Re: Question about flack

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> I can only say how I would do it: 'abcde -o "flac:--bps 24 --sample-rate
>> 96000". You only need to have abcde and flac installed.
> syntaxis is not correct. Would you define, please?

Quoting from the flac man page:

              Set bits per sample.

              Set sample rate (in Hz).

These are options for the flac executable that abcde runs. Since you run
abcde and not flac directly, you have to tell abcde any options you want
to pass to flac. This has the form (from man abcde):

       -o [filetype][:filetypeoptions]

Since the parameter string contains spaces, you have to quote the whole
string for -o. That's what I did. And now that I have looked everything
up for you, I can spot my error. It's "--bps=24", not "--bps 24".

Anyway, if you want someone to help you solve your problems, you should
show a) a little more initiative of your own (it's *your* problem) and
b) a description more specific than "syntaxis not correct".

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