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Re: Icewm lost! Can't reinstall

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On 02/08/08 07:24, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 08 Feb 2008, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Anthony Campbell:
>>> Icewm has been deleted automatically in an upgrade of Sid yesterday.
>> No, it did not happen automatically. You should read what aptitude is
>> about to do before confirming that this is what you want it to do. :)
>> Using 'safe-upgrade' instead of 'full-upgrade' by default is a good idea
>> anyway.
> I'm not using aptitude, largely because it has removed all kinds of
> things it shouldn't when I used it in the past, though safe-upgrade
> sounds good. I like wajig -- it does warn you before removing things
> though I missed it on this occasion.

If you know that it warns you about proposed removals, why did you
allow it to remove IceWM?

>> Sure. But I didn't remove IceWM. :) You should be able to downgrade it,
>> though.
> I was able to reinstall it from /var/cache/apt/archives.
> Anthony

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