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Re: this list is on google groups

steve <sfreilly@roadrunner.com> writes:

> its got nothing to with any announcement by debian list.  its web
> crawlers, they touch everything, scary huh. mailing lists are archived
> all over the net. search for your email address on any search engine
> you'll see quite surprising results if you post regularly to any mailing
> list.

Actually, I think the truth is even simpler than this.  Google Groups is
a usenet archive and posting service.  Debian-user is also a usenet
group, lists.debian.user, and all the posts here I think are
automatically crossposted to that newsgroup, and vice-versa.  I have
used that method to browse through a time or two, though I prefer the
mailing list way of doing things a bit.  But, because this is a
newsgroup and a list it has automatically been archived at google
groups.  Or, at least I would think that is what is going on.


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