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Re: this list is on google groups

ChadDavis writes:
> I didn't realize that until I joined a Google Group for Rails, went to my
> profile page and saw that Google could quickly display every post that
> I'd ever made to the debian list.

All Debian lists except -private are publically archived by Debian.  Google
very helpfully indexes them so that people in need of assistance with
Debian can search for previous discussions of their problems.

> Makes me wonder if i should check to see if my "Overly Fond of Goats"
> list has also been made a Google Group with out me knowing.

This is a mailing list?  Is it publically archived somewhere or mirrored as
a newsgroup?  If not how would Google have gotten at it?

> Sure wouldn't want anyone keeping tabs on those posts.

Now your boss knows they exist.

> BTW, this bit about goats is a complete and hopefully humorous
> fabrication.

Sure it is.  _Sure_ it is.
John Hasler

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