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Re: Iceweasel problems - YouTube infiltration

Ron Johnson wrote the following on 02/07/2008 06:53 AM:
> On 02/06/08 16:27, Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>> Mike Bird wrote the following on 02/06/2008 04:05 PM:
>>> On Wed February 6 2008 13:42:55 Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>>>> Everytime I try to get an internet page, either refresh
>>>> or new link, I get the following message, and no page.
>>>> 	Not Found
>>>> 	The requested URL /~joyce/album/ was not found
>>>> 	on this server.
>>>> 	Apache Server at www.youtube.com Port 80
>>>> It appears that it is really sending the request to
>>>> YouTube. I have no idea why!
>>> Check that Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Network / Settings
>>> specifies a direct connection to the internet.
>>> --Mike Bird
>> Can't do that. I don't have a direct connection, I have
>> a proxy. It has worked flawlessly for oh ... 10 years,
>> and still does.
>> Other systems, Windows 2k, on the network don't have
>> that problem, and neither do Opera or Konq on this machine.
> The Flashblock plugin might help you.
> Also, is this amd64?

Thanks for the tip. I just installed Flashblock, so we
will see what happens.

No, this isn't AMD64, P4 with lots of memory and paging


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