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Re: Iceweasel problems - YouTube infiltration

Mike Bird wrote the following on 02/06/2008 04:05 PM:
> On Wed February 6 2008 13:42:55 Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>> Everytime I try to get an internet page, either refresh
>> or new link, I get the following message, and no page.
>> 	Not Found
>> 	The requested URL /~joyce/album/ was not found
>> 	on this server.
>> 	Apache Server at www.youtube.com Port 80
>> It appears that it is really sending the request to
>> YouTube. I have no idea why!
> Check that Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Network / Settings
> specifies a direct connection to the internet.
> --Mike Bird

Can't do that. I don't have a direct connection, I have
a proxy. It has worked flawlessly for oh ... 10 years,
and still does.

Other systems, Windows 2k, on the network don't have
that problem, and neither do Opera or Konq on this machine.


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