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OT: xmms and last.fm scrobbler


I noticed that xmms is not scrobbling the songs I play. I have not
updated xmms or the plugin. Has anybody of you the same weird problem.
The plugin is still queueing the played songs.

I am using the plugin that can be downloaded from the last.fm site.

I have sniffed the connections made by xmms, and it tries to send the
packet, but it received a  "BADAUTH" message. I checked and rechecked
the password and username, it is correct.

Has anybody of you the same problem ?

Best regards,
Sergio Cuellar

"Meine Hoffnung soll mich leiten
Durch die Tage ohne Dich
Und die Liebe soll mich tragen
Wenn der Schmerz die Hoffnung bricht"

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