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Re: Accessing a TV adapter via my network

On Jan 31, 2008, at 3:36 AM, Mihira Fernando wrote:

Barry Samuels wrote:
I have setup my cardboard computer (it's in a cardboard box) using an old main board with a 750 MHz Athlon K7 and 768 MB of RAM. I fitted a PCI ethernet card and a PCI wireless card. There is a 6.5 GB hard drive

it would a lot safer to get a proper casing for that. You're looking at a fire hazard with a cardboard box and those components.

Not to mention throwing small but annoying amounts of RF interference everywhere... there's probably a cell site technician, ham radio operator, or similar -- trying to figure out where "that damn noise source" is.

RF shielding has gotten pretty poor on modern cases, but a cardboard box takes the cake.

Nate Duehr

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