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Re: Alsa - no sound: I need to repeatedly run alsaconf every time I reboot computer

Dear Chris,

On 16:04 Mon 04 Feb     , Chris Lale wrote:
> Mitchell Laks wrote:
> > Hi Gurus,
> > 
> > I seem to have to rerun alsaconf to reconfigure alsa every time I reboot my computer.
> > I have no idea why? I am running sid with debian standard kernel:  
> [...]
> Have a look at the solution on the NewbieDOC wiki [1]. Let us know if renaming
> modprobe.conf does the trick.
> [1]
> http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/wiki/Sound_in_Debian_GNU/Linux#Some_applications_.28OSS_applications.29_produce_no_sound_in_ALSA
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> Chris.
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I don't see how this helps.

a) My problem was _not_ that some individual applications did not  work.
My problem was "total loss of sound". For instance, KDE did not make
its 'KDE' sound when it started  up after I hit startx. I had to run
alsaconf to get sound started again. /etc/init.d/alsa stop then start
as root did not help...

b) It seems to have been a Kmix setting problem. As soon as I went into
the kmix setting as pointed out by the other respondent, and unchecked
'Restore volumes on login' which is some kind of kmix bug, (whatever it means
:)) I now   have full sound (insofar as I checked...).

c) I ended up deleting arts (and with it went kde-core). No effect so far.

I don't know about your reported bug and I don't think your issues
have hit me, for example I just tried xmms and it works fine on my system.
Thank you for responding though...

Mitchell Laks

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