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Re: discovering debian ...

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 10:25:05PM +0100, oxy wrote:
> >
> > Without knowing your skill level, the respondent could only guess at how
> > much you know and how specific he needed to be, so he may have assumed
> > you were a newbie who wasn't actually asking what you meant to ask.
> Ok, the fact is that i do not have the command `man` in my system
> (2.6.18.dfsg.1-17etch1).
> `locate man | grep '/man'$`    gives only the man dirs.
> `locate apropos`  and  `locate whatis` give nothing.

Note that locate consults a database populated by a cron job that may only
run once per day; maybe it hasn't run yet?  I think there may have been 
some recent change to locate as well, per some messages on this list in the
last month or so.

As others suggested, try running man or apropos, or man -h, etc., or just
look in the likely places, e.g.,

  $ ls /bin /usr/bin | grep man

and so on.  I would agree that these things should be in a default install,
and would be surprised if they were missing.  


Ken Irving, fnkci+debianuser@uaf.edu

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