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Re: discovering debian ...

> > where is man here? There is only a strange xman :-[
> > The /usr/share/man is actually there ...
> "man" stand for manual.  As in "the document that tells you how to
> use a piece of software".  You might be too young to have ever seen one.
> But then, you might be a dog.  I'd never know.
> > an apropos? whatis?
> Apropos: of an appropriate or pertinent nature.
> Software that tries to guess what you want to do, and suggest which
> command-line app meets your need.
> > `xtem --help` says that `xterm -fs 14` should work, but the font size
> > does not change!
> Can't answer that one...
> How new are you to the whole Unix world?  A long time Windows user?
>  Computer nerd or "plain old user"?

I've being since nearly a decade using unix. I dont know what you intend with
those vage answers, if u actually did not answer anything. The
questions are quite
ok, and if u were trying to play the big, you didnt convince.
Please, help to keep the educational/informative purpose of the list.
It's not a place to excercice your misleading superiority complex.

Also, do not send email privately to me. Send to the list.

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