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Re: discovering debian ...

oxy wrote:
where is man here? There is only a strange xman :-[
The /usr/share/man is actually there ...
"man" stand for manual.  As in "the document that tells you how to
use a piece of software".  You might be too young to have ever seen one.

But then, you might be a dog.  I'd never know.

an apropos? whatis?
Apropos: of an appropriate or pertinent nature.

Software that tries to guess what you want to do, and suggest which
command-line app meets your need.

`xtem --help` says that `xterm -fs 14` should work, but the font size
does not change!
Can't answer that one...

How new are you to the whole Unix world?  A long time Windows user?
 Computer nerd or "plain old user"?

I've being since nearly a decade using unix. I dont know what you intend with
those vage answers, if u actually did not answer anything. The
questions are quite
ok, and if u were trying to play the big, you didnt convince.
Please, help to keep the educational/informative purpose of the list.
It's not a place to excercice your misleading superiority complex.

I doubt there was a superiority complex thing going on here (although that's just a guess on my part); although his answers are a bit vague, your questions are also a bit vague (even though you think they're "quite ok").

Without knowing your skill level, the respondent could only guess at how much you know and how specific he needed to be, so he may have assumed you were a newbie who wasn't actually asking what you meant to ask.

I had thought to answer you, but I also wasn't quite sure what you were asking, so I waited to see if someone else responded first (I then responded to your original).

I say all this to let you know that the respondent was probably not intending to do the "superiority" thing.

Also, do not send email privately to me. Send to the list

Yes, the respondent did mess up on this point.


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