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Re: discovering debian ...

oxy wrote:
Without knowing your skill level, the respondent could only guess at how
much you know and how specific he needed to be, so he may have assumed
you were a newbie who wasn't actually asking what you meant to ask.

Ok, the fact is that i do not have the command `man` in my system

`locate man | grep '/man'$`    gives only the man dirs.

`locate apropos`  and  `locate whatis` give nothing.
I just found it strange, as well as the incapability to set xterm font size.
Im still open for suggestions ... and this is my first contact to
debian and gnome.

PS: `aptitude update && aptitude upgrade` did not help.

On a "normally" installed Etch version there should be a /usr/bin/man executable file. If not, then something was not installed properly.

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