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question concerning autofs, usbfs and vfat

Hi all,


to get right straight to my question – i was wanting to know which is the proper file system to choose for a (normal)  USB 2.0 data/flash stick – autofs, usbfs or maybe vfat?  The stick is of course usable under Windows as well as linux (from kernel 2.4.x).  I believe I need to set this in the fstab file, correct?


My problem leading up to this question is – twice now in the past couple of weeks I had my machine lockout access to various services, actually pretty much all services, including mail (courier/postfix), web (apache 2.2), SSH, DNS, just to name the main ones.  This time I found something odd – a message telling me that the autofs had a problem because of bogus options.  This lead me to believe the problem came from me mounting my USB 2.0 data stick which I use to backup data.  After transferring the data, I umount the file system.  The only other thing I’ve done prior to the last occurrence was that I updated the kernel to 2.6.18-6-686.


Any and all info/help on this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



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